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2322 72044/1

Madras unlined jacket in wool and silk

2401 72188/2

Unlined jacket, Prince of Wales design on a wool and silk blend

2403 72168/1

Unlined and unstructured blazer with two patch pockets, madras with bouclé yarns

2411 72040/2

Prince of Wales blazer with blue and brown yarns on a lighter base. Second applied pocket and undercollar and finishings in contrast

2440 72037/1

Unlined jacket in wool and alpaca, with rust check on a blue base with a mottled effect

2561 72024/1

Unlined travel jacket in wool and cashmere with neck warmer and undercollar in flannel

3303 73024/2

Suit with peaked lapel in wool and alpaca, with double breasted vest. Subtle overcheck in a dark blue shade

3405 73208/2

Double-breasted suit with peaked lapel in wool silk and cashmere

3406 73036/1

Unlined deconstructed suit in superfine flannel blended with cashmere. Windowpane with rust yarns on a natural grey shade

3650 73509/1

Faux uni wool suit, slightly fulled, with slub created through silk and linen yarns, for a mottled effect

7309 77030/1

Pure camel coat, extra light weight; double-breasted model with wide lapel, martingale and pleats on the back

7352/3 74318/1

Padded double-breasted coat in pure wool, treated to be water resistant

7301 77022/1

Unlined coat in wool/cashmere, maxi windowpane in different grey shades

9153 77018/4

Military inspired coat, maxi herringbone in wool

7308 77032/1

Unlined coat in wool, alpaca and silk

3345 73501/1

Tuxedo in pure worsted wool, with lapel and button covered in satin

2401 72025/1

Unlined overcheck jacket in carded flannel with light blue bouclé yarns on a hazelnut base.

2403 72043/1

Unlined blazer in wool and linen, with a contrast bicoloured on a pearl grey base, precious yarn for a textured effect

2403 72030/1

Unlined jacket in wool/cashmere, knitted effect microdesign

2614 72033/5

Windowpane jacket with a wide lapel, orange bouclé yarns on a brown base in wool and cashmere

2444 72038/1

Unlined jacket in carded flannel with a micro checked houndstooth. Model with wide peaked lapel and ticket pocket

3301 73022/2

Pure wool suit, subtle damier design in blue and brown shades

3321 73023/1

Pinstripe suit on a light blue base, in pure wool worsted flannel

3350 73171/2

Pure wool suit, brown overcheck on a blue base

3615 73170/1

Pure wool unlined suit, three button roll, with a wide lapel. Subtle pinstripe on a grey background

3615 73033/2

Pure wool unlined suit, three button roll, with a wide lapel. Double overcheck in a rust colour on a blue worsted flannel, warm and ultra light

7311 77026/3

Unline double-breasted coat in wool and alpaca, with martingale. Maxi herringbone mottled effect

7313 77029/1

Peaked lapel coat in pure cashmere, super soft touch

9152 77015/3

Military inspired coat, unlined, in pure wool

9154 77017/2

Knitted effect peacoat in wool, with wide lapel

7109 77021/1

Travel coat with flannel undercollar. Faux uni, cashmere blend

7370 77014/1

Tuxedo coat on wavy background, lapel and buttons covered in satin; this is the perfect coat for soirées, events and ceremonies

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